Experiment: buying $100 worth of cryptocurrency for 1000 days

The Cryptocurrency Experiment: $100 for 1000 Days




In a world increasingly dominated by digital currencies and blockchain technology, investing in cryptocurrencies has become an enticing prospect for many. The potential for massive gains, coupled with the inherent volatility, has drawn both seasoned investors and newcomers into the cryptosphere. To shed light on the possibilities and risks, we embarked on an experiment: investing $100 in cryptocurrency and holding it for 1000 days. This article delves into the journey, exploring the insights gained from this experiment.


The Birth of the Idea


The idea for this experiment was born out of curiosity. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum had gained significant attention and had been making headlines for years. We wanted to understand firsthand what it was like to invest in these digital assets. Would it be a rollercoaster ride of price fluctuations, or would it be a steady climb upwards? To find out, we set aside $100 and began our journey.


The Cryptocurrency Selection


Before diving into the experiment, we had to decide which cryptocurrencies to invest in. We opted for a diversified approach, spreading our $100 across three different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and a promising altcoin, Cardano (ADA). This diversification was aimed at mitigating the risks associated with investing in a single digital asset.


The Start of the Journey


On the first day of our experiment, we eagerly purchased our chosen cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum were well-established players in the market, while Cardano represented a newer, innovative project. We stored our investments in secure wallets and started tracking their performance.


Volatility and Market Fluctuations


The crypto market is notorious for its wild price swings. Over the course of our experiment, we experienced dramatic fluctuations. Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, had its moments of soaring to new all-time highs and plunging into corrections. Ethereum, the foundation for decentralized applications, also showcased its ability to capture market attention. Cardano, on the other hand, saw significant price movements as it continued to develop its ecosystem.


Emotional Rollercoaster


Investing in cryptocurrencies is not for the faint of heart. Throughout the 1000 days, we rode an emotional rollercoaster. Days of excitement and anticipation were frequently followed by moments of doubt and anxiety. The key lesson here was the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective and not succumbing to impulsive decisions driven by emotions.


HODLing and Patience


One of the mantras in the cryptocurrency community is “HODL,” a misspelling of “hold.” This term emphasizes the importance of patience and resisting the urge to sell during market downturns. It proved to be a valuable lesson as we watched our portfolio recover after periods of decline. Over time, the market displayed resilience and growth.


The Power of Research


Our experiment also underscored the significance of thorough research. Keeping abreast of news, developments, and trends within the cryptocurrency space was crucial in making informed decisions. We adjusted our portfolio based on our research and the evolving landscape, which proved beneficial.




After 1000 days of the cryptocurrency experiment, we emerged with a wealth of insights. We learned that investing in cryptocurrencies requires a combination of patience, research, and emotional resilience. While the journey was rife with volatility, the potential for substantial gains was evident. Our diversified approach, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, helped us navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape.


This experiment served as a valuable introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, and we encourage others to embark on similar journeys with a clear understanding of the risks involved. Cryptocurrency investments can be a rewarding endeavor, but they demand a long-term perspective, an unwavering commitment to research, and a steadfast resolve to HODL through the storms of market volatility.

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